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AARC Join Renew Win

Call to Action! Join AARC Today!

As we make our resolutions to be better to ourselves … lets be better to our profession too!

The SCSRC wants you to be a part of SC’s Respiratory Care Leadership Team and invite you to become involved, starting at the local level. Then you may be inspired to follow in the footsteps of the late Trish Blakely, or Jackki Grimball and Brooke Yeager as part of the AARC’s Leadership Team.

Step 1: Join the AARC, the RT’s national professional organization, that is fighting to keep our jobs relevant and a vital part of the national healthcare discussion.

Most of you are already AARC members, but you can encourage your peers to join the AARC and participate in their local chapter of the SCSRC.

Encourage your entire department to make this part of a professional development plan. Directors & Managers – Make AARC membership a prize during 2023 RC Week events or as a prize for not calling in sick for a year.

Step 2: Once you join the AARC, you are automatically a member of your state organization, the SCSRC.

Step 3: Attend a Quarterly Meeting (see SCSRC calendar for date, time and place).

Step 4: Become a Committee Member or Lead your local Region.

As we make resolutions to watch our diets and exercise more, we should also consider becoming more proactive in the Respiratory Care profession.

Once “voluntold” but now I feel like I am making a difference and giving back to a profession that has provided me with so much. I hope to inspire you to stretch out a little and consider getting associated at the local level. I hope to see you soon at a Quarterly Meeting.

Breathe Easy,

Tracy Cook, RRT