• SCSRC Candidates for 2023 Ballot by Tracy Cook, MSc, RRT, RCP June 7, 2023

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    Candidates for 2023 Ballot

    Greetings from the SCSRC Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The elections process for the South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care (SCSRC) Executive Officers and Board of Directors positions will open August 4, 2023. You must be both a current AARC and SCSRC member at the time when the ballot opens to be eligible to vote. We suggest you confirm your membership status prior to the ballot opening.

    Your support and contributions are crucial to form a collective body of individuals promoting and elevating our practice and profession in South Carolina. The future and direction of our profession relies on your input and support. Please vote and show your support for Respiratory Care in South Carolina and create an evolving and vibrant future.

    Important: Please note that the SCSRC elections process is not related to AARC processes; if you need assistance with casting your vote, please send an e-mail to ­­­­­elections@scsrc.org. We respectfully ask that you not contact the AARC with questions about this ballot or voting procedures.

    Below is the list of candidates for your review prior to the ballot opening:

    Candidate for President-Elect

    Name and Credentials: Terrica Rice, MBA, RRT-NPS
    Education: MBA- Human Resources/Associates Respiratory/ BA English
    Employment: Prisma Health, Clinical Education
    AARC Member: 4 years
    SCSRC Activities: Midlands Director
    Additional Professional Activities: Clinical Educator for Prisma Healt, SCSRC Planning Committee

    Candidate for Secretary

    Name and Credentials: Holly Lever, RRT
    Education: AAS Midlands Technical College
    Employment: SCDMH Division of impatient Services, Respiratory Care Department – Supervisor.
    Years in RC Profession: 36+ years
    AARC member since 1990       # 1946103 
    SCSRC Involvement: 2021-2022, 2019-2020 and 2001-2004 SCSRC Vice President-Program Chair; 2006-2007 and 1996-1997 SCSRC Secretary; 1998-2000 SCSRC President Elect, President, Past President; 1994-1995 SCSRC Board of Directors; 1998-2006 and 2023 Annual Program Committee; 1996-1999 Region VI program committee

    Candidate for Delegate:

    Name and Credentials: Suzanne (Suzi) Westmoreland, RRT-NPS, CPFT
    Education: AAS Greenville Technical College
    Employment: Retired
    AARC Member: yes (7205053) 48 years
    SCSRC Activities: Member SCSRC 44 years, SCSRC BOD Piedmont Region
    SCSRC Neo-Peds Committee Chair, SCSRC Program Committee, SCSRC Secretary, SCSRC President, SCSRC Delegate 2004 to present (this year will be 20 years), Additional Professional Activities: AARC HOD Chair Elections Committee & AARC HOD Orientation Committee

    Candidates for Piedmont Region Junior Director

    Name and Credentials: Tanganika (Tangi) H. Williams BA, RRT, RCP
    Education: AAS Greenville Technical College, BA Sociology University of Georgia
    Employment: Prisma Health North Greenville Medical Campus
    AARC Member since 2017
    SCSRC Activities: Attended SCSCRC Annual Conference 2022, Attended Summer SCSRC Symposium 2022, Attended Board Meeting 2022
    Additional Professional Activities: Attended AARC Convention 2019, Present Yearly at the SC Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows Executive Board Meeting and Annual State Conference on a variety of Respiratory Topics, Presented at Welcome Elementary School, 5th Grade Classes, on a variety of respiratory topics

    Name and Credentials: Katie Tenry, RRT
    Education: AAS Piedmont Technical College
    Education: Associates
    Employment: Shriners Children’s Greenville
    AARC member since 2010
    SCSRC Activities: SCSRC Member

    Name and Credentials: Eddie Brown, RRT, BSRT
    Education: Associate in respiratory care, Bachelor’s of Science in Respiratory Therapy
    Employment: Travel RT
    AARC Member Since: April 2020
    SCSRC Activities: SCSRC Member

    Candidate for Midlands Region Junior Director

    Name and Credentials: Crystal Herndon, RRT
    Region: AAS Midlands Technical College
    Education: associates in applied science
    Employment: full time adult respiratory therapist
    AARC Member since 5/17/2021
    SCSRC Activities: 2021 winner of the SCSRC Entry Level Student Scholarship
    Additional Professional Activities: I was just hired by Midlands Technical College as an adjunct professor so I will be teaching respiratory students clinical starting in June. I completed the Kettering course to get my ACCS credentials and am studying for the exam at this time.

    Candidate for Coastal Region Junior Director:

    Name and Credentials: Leia Kennedy Butler, RRT II
    Region: Coastal
    Education: Studied Respiratory Care at Trident Technical College
    Employment: MUSC since 5/2018
    AARC Member since: Renewed 9/2022
    SCSRC Activities: I have attended a couple annual meetings in Myrtle Beach
    Additional Professional Activities: Member of Shared Governance for 2 years

    Candidate for Pee Dee Region Junior Director:

    Name and Credentials: Tyler R. Smith, RRT
    Education: AAS Midlands Technical College, enrolled BSRT program at Newberry College
    Employment: McLeod Hospital, Florence, SC
    AARC Member: Yes, since 2021
    SCSRC Activities: AARC/SCSRC Member, student volunteer at SCSRC events and conferences
    Additional Professional Activities: I have worked in the medical field for over 5-years before pursuing a career in Respiratory Care. Attended regional and state SCSRC conferences. Phi Theta Kappa Inductee and honor graduate. Pursing BSRT at Newberry College.

    Other Needs:

    The SCSRC strongly encourages and wants your active participation in the SCSRC. We are looking for members who are interested in serving on one of the SCSRC Committees. Listed below are our SCSRC Committees:

    • Audit
    • Budget
    • Bylaws
    • Continuing Education Programs (CRCE)
    • Disaster Preparedness
    • Election
    • Judicial
    • Legislative
    • Membership
    • SC Political Action Contact Team (PACT)
    • Program
    • Public Relations
    • Policy and procedure
    • Publication/web
    • Scholarships and Awards
  • SCSRC 2023 Respiratory Care Summit by Selma B. Watson RRT, RCP May 4, 2023

    The South Carolina Society of Respiratory Care is hosting a Respiratory Care Summit on May 26th, 2023 at Newberry College, in Newberry, SC, as a forum of collaboration between clinical and industry leaders, educators, and other stakeholders and to assess the state of the Respiratory Care profession in South Carolina. Our goal for the summit is to evaluate:

    • Recruitment and retaining employees
    • Addressing equipment recalls and medication shortages
    • Use of Respiratory Therapist driven protocols
    • Recruitment of students into the profession
    • Recruitment of students and practitioners into the AARC/SCSRC
    • Desired topics and education for SCSRC events
    • Significant changes in Respiratory Care programs
    • The critical need for members to join SCSRC committees and seek elected positions
    • SCSRC awards and scholarships

    If you are planning to attend the 2022 Respiratory Care Summit, please register in advance to ensure we have adequate space for the meeting. All industry stakeholders, leaders and educators are invited. Attendees do not have to be a Respiratory Therapist or an AARC/SCSRC member to attend this summit. We ask that everyone come prepared to discuss the future, expansion, and trajectory of the Respiratory Care profession in out state. Please look for signage when you arrive at Newberry College Center for Teaching Excellence for the summit.

    Register for the SCSRC 2023 Respiratory Care Summit

  • South Carolina 2023 RCP License Renewal by Selma B. Watson RRT, RCP January 31, 2023


    2023 is a licensure renewal year for licensed SC RCPs; the SCSRC is often asked questions regarding continuing education requirements for license renewal. The timeframe for the next cycle is as noted below, as well as the CE sponsoring organizations, and approved contact hours for such classes as ACLS, PALS, BLS, etc. Please note: the SCSRC is not responsible for licensure renewal in any way. This is presented as information only; any questions, concerns, etc. should be directed to the SC Labor, Licensing and Regulation department, https://llr.sc.gov.

    Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) Renewal and Continuing Education Information

    Continuing Education Timeframe – You must have completed at least thirty (30) hours of continuing education in the RENEWAL PERIOD (June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2023).

    RCPs in their FIRST renewal cycle after receiving their initial permanent license are NOT required to complete CME for this renewal period only.

    1. Continuing education sponsorship – courses must be approved or sponsored by one of the following organizations:
      1. American Association for Respiratory Care, Inc. or its sponsoring organizations
      2. American Heart Association
      3. American Lung Association
      4. Society of Critical Care Medicine
      5. South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care
      6. Allied Health Education Centers of the South Carolina Consortium of Community Teaching Hospitals (AHEC)
      7. American Thoracic Society
      8. American College of Chest Physicians
      9. American Society of Anesthesiologists
      10. Accredited institutional continuing education programs:
        1. Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
        2. American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation
    2. Approved Number of Contact Hours
      BLS Initial6
      BLS refresher (PHR/PHB BLS, etc.)3
      PALS Initial (2 day class)12
      PALS Refresher6
      ACLS Initial12
      ACLS Refresher6
      NRP Initial6
      NRP Refresher3
  • SCSRC 2023 Scholarship, Practitioner of the Year, and Dept. of the Year Applications by Selma B. Watson RRT, RCP January 29, 2023

    The SCSRC Executive Committee and Board of Directors has released the applications for 2023 student scholarships, as well as the Practitioner of the Year and Department of the Year awards. PDFs for each application are posted below.

    Note: The deadline for these applications is July 1, 2023.

    2023 SCSRC Early Professional Student Scholarship App_Packet

    2023 SCSRC Trish Blakely Higher Education Scholarship

    2023 SCSRC Practitioner of the Year Award

    2023 SCSRC Dept of the Year Award

    Please contact scholarships@scsrc.org with any questions.

    SCSRC Scholarships

  • SCSRC 2023 Annual Conference by Amanda Coffey, BS, RRT, RCP January 21, 2023


    September 6-8, 2023

    It’s time to start thinking about attending the SCSRC 2023 Annual Conference, September 6-8, 2023 at the Hilton Myrtle Beach. There will be a Pre-Conference session on September 5th. The SCSRC Program Committee is working to insure a great conference for 2023. There will be great lectures, food, an exhibit hall, and many opportunities to network. AARC membership MUST BE active at the time of the conference to receive the AARC Member rate. Consider joining/renewing before choosing the non-member rate. No personal checks please.

    18 Available CEUS!

    9/5: Preconference- 3 CRCEs & Meet and Greet

    9/6: 7 CRCEs-breakfast, dinner and party

    9/7: 4 CRCEs-breakfast, lunch and exhibit hall

    9/8: 4 CRCEs-breakfast

    Registration is now open!

    2023 52nd SCSRC Annual Conference – Attendee Registration
    2023 SCSRC 52nd Annual Conference – Student Registration
    2023 52nd SCSRC Annual Conference – Speaker Registration
    2023 SCSRC 52nd Annual Conference- Speaker Proposal

    More information will be posted here soon.

    Exhibitors & Sponsors: Check out the 2023 SCSRC EXHIBITORS PAGE

    Hilton Myrtle Beach, SCSRC

    Hotel Information

    Hilton/Royale Palms: Online Reservations Link (After entering the check-in / check-out dates, and the number of guests, click the blue search button.)

    Reservations for the South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care 52nd Annual Meeting may be made by calling the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort at (800) 876-0010. Please inform the reservations operator that you are attending the SCSRC Annual meeting.

    To receive the convention rate: use the code SCS for rooms in the Hilton hotel or the code CSS for condos in the Royale Palms.

    If you have any questions about your reservation at the Hilton or Royal Palms, please contact the Hilton directly. If you have any other questions, send an email to program@scsrc.org.

    Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort
    10000 Beach Club Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

    2023 Annual Conference Exhibitors & Sponsors

    Platinum ExhibitorGold ExhibitorSilver ExhibitorBronze ExhibitorBronze Exhibitor

    Mardi Gras mask and colors