• SCSRC 2020 Election Results by Tarisha Latimer, RRT, RCP September 11, 2020

    Election results

    On behalf of the SCSRC Board of Directors and the Election Committee we would like to thank everyone that took part in this process. We would also like to say congratulations and welcome to the incoming 2021 Board members. The results of the election are as follows:

    President-Elect:  Tracy Cook, MSc, RRT, RCP

    Vice President:  Holly Lever, RRT, RCP

    Treasurer: Selma Watson, RRT, CPFT, RCP

    Coastal Junior Director:  Karen Simmons, BSRT, RRT-NPS, RPFT

    Midlands Junior Director:  Amanda Coffey, BS, RRT, RCP

    Pee Dee Junior Director: ; Miesha Washington, RRT

    Piedmont Junior Director:  Megan Shell, BSRT, RRT-NPS

  • SCSRC 2020 Elections by Tarisha Latimer, RRT, RCP August 6, 2020

    Greetings from the SCSRC Executive Committee and Board of Directors,

    The elections process for the South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care (SCSRC) Executive Officers and Board of Directors positions is now open. The ballot will be open August 7th-September 9th. Please take time to navigate to the voting area at https://scsrcadmin.simplyvoting.com/. Your voting ID and your password is your AARC member number. You must be an active AARC member to vote. Your support and opinion are crucial to form a collective body of individuals to support and promote our practice and profession in the state of South Carolina. The future and direction of our profession relies on your input and support.

    Please vote and show your support for Respiratory Care in South Carolina and create an evolving and vibrant future.
    Important: Please note that the SCSRC elections process is not related to AARC processes; if you need assistance with casting your vote, please send an e-mail to elections@scsrc.org. We respectfully ask that you not reach out to the AARC with questions related to this ballot or voting procedures.

    Below is the list of candidates. Please navigate to https://scsrcadmin.simplyvoting.com/ and enter your AARC member number for both your voting ID and password to find details on your candidates and to cast your ballot.

       Tracy Cook, MSc, RRT, RCP

    Vice President
       Holly Lever, RRT, RCP

       Selma Watson, RRT, CPFT, RCP

    Coastal Junior Director
       Karen Simmons, BSRT, RRT-NPS, RPFT

    Midlands Junior Director
       Amanda Coffey, BS, RRT, RCP
       Ryan Nutt, BSRT, RRT-NPS

    Pee Dee Junior Director
       Miesha Washington, RRT
       Marcus Williford, BSRT, RRT- NPS

    Piedmont Junior Director
       Felisha Fuller, BA, RRT, RCP
       Megan Shell, BSRT, RRT-NPS

  • 2020 SCSRC Annual Conference Update by Holly Lever, RRT, RCP July 12, 2020

    With heavy hearts, the Program Committee has made the decision to cancel the 2020 SCSRC Annual Conference. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 and the uncertainty of the increasing number of cases, the SCSRC has determined hosting the annual conference could be potentially dangerous to the practitioners attending the event. The committee has worked tirelessly for the past several months, along with the Hilton hotel, to explore options and modify the agenda to adhere to social distancing guidelines; however, we feel with the number of cases on the rise it would be irresponsible to move forward with a live conference. We are exploring the possibilities of hosting some virtual events in the future. In the meantime, please visit the AARC links listed below if you are seeking educational opportunities. There is not a better time to renew/join AARC than now!

    Membership- https://www.aarc.org/aarc-membership/member-services/join-renew/

    AARC 2020 live- https://www.aarc.org/aarc-meetings/live-2020/

    Free to AARC members- Including 3 upcoming Live Webinars

    On behalf of the SCSRC and the program committee, I would like to thank all the practitioners, speakers and exhibitors for your willingness to support the SCSRC and your understanding during this difficult and unusual time.

    Refunds will be issued within the next 5-10 business days. Any hotel reservation made under the SCSRC hotel block will be cancelled by the Hilton. If you did not book under the hotel block (Expedia, Groupon, etc.) please make sure that you cancel your reservation.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Holly Lever, RRT, RCP
    SCSRC Vice President- Program Committee Chair

  • Register for AARC LIVE! 2020 by Selma B. Watson RRT, RCP June 16, 2020
    Register for AARC LIVE! 2020 – a new virtual learning experience offered by the AARC…..

    In July 2020, respiratory therapists will come together to experience learning in a virtual environment.

    COVID-19 has set a new standard for delivering patient care and collaborating with colleagues worldwide. Using this experience as a foundation, AARC LIVE! 2020 will help respiratory therapists learn together to lead the profession beyond COVID-19.

    AARC LIVE! includes four learning tracks spread across four days—one track per day. Tracks range from management, education, and adult acute care topics, along with a special Leading Perspectives bonus track.

    More information and a link to register is here: https://www.aarc.org/aarc-meetings/live-2020/

  • 2020 AARC Uniform Reporting Manual Revision – Assistance Needed by Selma B. Watson RRT, RCP June 10, 2020

    The AARC is currently asking for participation in a survey that will be used in the 2020 revision of the AARC Uniform Reporting Manual. The goal of the revision, as stated in the letter from Garry Kauffman, RRT, FAARC, MPA, FACHE, is to help with building a foundation of statistically valid time standards, and thus a foundation for a national standard of productivity. Please consider taking time to read Garry’s letter and to complete the survey.

    AARC URM Special Invitation

    Thank you in advance!