Awards & Scholarships

SCSRC Awards & Scholarships

  • SCSRC 2024 Scholarship, Practitioner of the Year, and Dept. of the Year Applications by Selma B. Watson RRT, RCP (1/11/2024)

    The SCSRC Executive Committee and Board of Directors has released the applications for 2024 student scholarships, as well as the Practitioner of the Year and Department of the Year awards. PDFs for each application are posted below.

    Note: The deadline for these applications is July 15, 2024.

  • SCSRC Scholarship & Award Recipients 2023 by Selma B. Watson RRT, RCP (9/29/2023)
    Early Professional Scholarship Recipients
    • Austin Graham, Spartanburg Community College
      Essay on “Pulmonary Implications of Guillain Barre Syndrome”
    • Lydia Marie Shealy, Spartanburg Community College
      Essay on “A Look into Pulmonary Edema/CHF”
    • Ashlynne Grace Waters, Piedmont Technical College
      Essay on “Atelectasis: The Disease Within All Diseases”
    Practitioner of the Year – Leadership Recipients
    • Angela Holten, BA, RRT
      Director of Respiratory Care
      Roper St Francis
    • Megan Shell, BSRT, RRT-NPS
      Respiratory Care Manager
      Prisma Health Upstate Children’s Hospital
    Department of the Year
    • Lexington Medical Center
      Respiratory Care Services
    Palmetto Award
    • Tracy Cook, MSRC, RRT
    President’s Award
    • Tracy Cook, MSRC, RRT
  • SCSRC Receives AARC Summit Award by Tracy Cook, MSc, RRT, RCP (11/20/2020)

    AARC Summit AwardWe are excited and proud to announce that the South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care (SCSRC) is the 2020 recipient for the AARC’s prestigious Summit Award. This honor reflects our state’s efforts and achievements in promoting professionalism and growth in the field of respiratory care. To be considered for this esteemed annual award, a state affiliate of the AARC must submit a nomination that outlines and provides supporting documentation showing their activities related to seven specific categories:

    • Educational activities
    • Membership and recruiting
    • Legislation/Advocacy
    • Promoting public awareness
    • Benefits to members
    • Collaboration with other health care organizations
    • Student activities

    We thank everyone who supported, volunteered and advocated for the respiratory care professional and provided the opportunity to demonstrate our activities in the seven categories while supporting the SCSRC members, patients and students. The last few years have shown many challenges, from inclement weather to fighting a pandemic, yet we continue to shine and excel in our endeavors.

    The SCSRC President, Dr. Jerry Alewine accepted the Summit award and shared his excitement and sentiments on the efforts behind receiving this distinction:

    “On behalf of the South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care and all respiratory therapists in South Carolina, I graciously accept the 2020 Summit Award. As is well appreciated, these past few months have been a very difficult time for healthcare, and in particular, the respiratory therapist. Through it all, we have continued as a profession, thrived as individuals, and will forever be recognized as vital in the fight against the devastation that is COVID-19.

    To have been awarded the Summit Award, the diligence and commitment of our respiratory therapist has been recognized. They have endured a pandemic and remained consistent in their demand for exceptional care and the promotion of professionalism. This unique year that will be historically remembered as a time of great confusion, emotional turmoil, and unrelenting chaos that has allowed the profession of respiratory therapy to be spotlighted in a way as never before.

    Having the pleasure of serving as president of the SCSRC, I am humbled and thankful for the dedication of the respiratory therapists in the state of South Carolina. Accepting this award, I do so solely as president but by no means the reason for this recognition. I accept on behalf of a state of dedicated professionals that work each day for the care of the patients we serve, promotion of the profession of respiratory therapy, and the commitment to excellence.

    Again, thank you AARC and may each of you be blessed with a better day.”

    Jerry A Alewine EdD, RRT
    President of the SCSRC