Ambassador Program

SCSRC Ambassador Program

The SCSRC Needs Your Help!

The South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care (SCSRC) is implementing an Ambassador Program. Ambassadors are SCSRC members who want to help promote the respiratory profession and support our society.

These members want to make a difference in their profession through SCSRC involvement by serving as communication liaisons in addition to committee participation, meeting attendance, networking and more. They provide information to their colleagues and other respiratory professionals on SCSRC initiatives, events, programs and activities. They promote membership and member engagement.

The overall purpose of the Ambassador Program is to utilize the vast knowledge and experience of the entire membership through an exchange of ideas in collaboration with this group. The goal of the Ambassador program is to have a representative from each healthcare organization in South Carolina in which Respiratory Therapists work. Our Ambassadors will become the face of the SCSRC. Their voices will be heard and they will make a difference.

The Membership committee chair will serve as, or appoint, an Ambassador Program Coordinator. The program coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the program, recruiting ambassadors, maintaining an active ambassador list, and communicating information with all parties. Regional directors will be responsible for assisting with this program by soliciting Ambassadors from the healthcare facilities in their region, helping to maintain an active Ambassador list for their region, and helping to share relevant information with their area Ambassadors.

Each Ambassador will be responsible for serving as the liaison between their facility and the SCSRC. The Ambassadors will work with the program coordinator and their respective SCSRC region directors to promote the SCSRC, create awareness for SCSRC activities, and help to expand membership.

Recruit at least one ambassador from each healthcare facility in the state. Recruit at least one student ambassador from each Respiratory Care Program in the state.

To get involved, fill out the SCSRC Volunteer Form, or send an email to

SCSRC Ambassador Program Flyer