SCSRC Board of Directors Report

Good evening,

The SCSRC Executive Committee and Board of Directors met on Friday morning, April 22nd, 2022 via Zoom. Some highlights from this board meeting are noted below:

Report from President Tracy Cook:

Even though I am fairly new to this profession I find it hard to believe that the AARC is celebrating 75-years. I am proud to say that the program committee and many regional directors are working, planning, and strategizing to present quality educational and networking events. If your region has not had an event in the last year, I strongly encourage you to please plan an event. To gather support, you can start with a networking event such as a Dutch-treat dinner. Just get started…. You will be surprised if you set a date, find a venue and advertise the speakers and vendors will respond and fill your agenda. If you feel you do not have the skills and contacts, please, please reach out to me as I am here to help and guide. I also really want to encourage and challenge everyone to think of ways to increase membership in your area. We need to think of all the things we accomplished and did in 2021 and send that information to Wayne Barfield before May 1, 2022 so we can submit our Summit Award Application.

SCSRC goals are:

  • Advocacy: My challenge this quarter is that we all advocate and speak up to support our scope of practice. Hill Day is coming in May and we need to write those letters, send those emails, and make the phone calls in support of legislature that supports us and/or our patients. Never be afraid to write your senators or congress.
  • Communication/Marketing: Please, post to the SCSRC community on AARConnect. I would love for committee members and regional directors to share a little about themselves utilizing AARConnect posts. Please use that forum to share information or to respond to each other.
  • Education/Professional Development: Encourage others to seek educational opportunities and specialty credentials. AARC has several programs to assist members who are seeking specialty credentials.
  • Events/Meetings: Each region needs to sponsor a minimal of (1) educational and/or membership event in 2022.
  • Membership: We still need to focus on increasing our statewide membership. Less than 20% of the RCP licensed in SC are members of the SCSRC. We need to be deliberate in our encouragement of others to support the SCSRC.
  • Revenue and Finance: I am so thankful for our Treasurer and Committee members who are thoughtful in how they spend our money. I appreciate the committees being good financial stewards which allows SCSRC to continue to have a sound financial foundation.


  • Membership: Once again I strongly encourage and ask for everyone’s help. We need to increase SCSRC membership to 25%. I challenge each member to find a way to connect with 1 “non-active” member or non-member. Suggestions – Use AARConnect to send a message to SCSRC members asking for help with committees, networking events and conferences. To attract non-members, put up signs in break rooms (if allowed). I am happy to make the signs. We have some money to buy some doughnuts or gift card for a membership drive.
  • Events/Awareness: AARC is celebrating 75 years as an association. How can we use this milestone to market our profession? PLEASE nominate others for SCSC Practitioners of the Year and ask your department managers about nominating their department for Department of the Year. It is very sad when we do not have any nominations for these awards…. PLEASE when you are working look through a lens that allows you see who deserves to be recognized for all that they do!
  • AARC Congress and Summer Forum: Summer Forum 2022 will be held July 26–28 in Palm Springs, CA. AARC Congress will be November 9-12 in New Orleans, LA.

The Regional Directors presented their quarterly reports as well; a summary of each region’s report is below:

Pee Dee Region:

A Mental Health Symposium – “Respiratory Therapist Burn Out” will take place on 5/10/22, 1:30 pm In person or via WebEx @ Mcleod Florence in the café du jour conference room 105.

Piedmont Region:

Educational Events:
Annual Prisma Health event scheduled for May 5th; it will include adult, peds, and neonatal topics; there will be opportunities to network in person; 7-8 CRCE hours offered

Community Events/Service:

Regional directors visited all upstate technical colleges, offering 2-hour sessions, with a meet and greet, providing lunch, discussing recruitment for RT programs and promoting the SCSRC and the AARC; they reported good questions and feedback from attendees.

Coastal Region:
Feb 2,2022: Vapotherm held a CRCE event. Dr. Kirk Hinkley presented No Mask, No problem presentation while discussing the benefits of using Vapotherm.

There was a Coastal Region Educational event that was held March 4, 2022 and was a big success for the first in person conference since COVID . The conference was held at Baruch Auditorium at MUSC. A wide variety of topics were discussed including CF, Six Minute Walk Tests, Healthcare Worker Resiliency, Mechanical Ventilation Strategies, and Biologic Agents in Asthma. Positive feedback was received overall with some suggestions on giving better directions and parking instructions and providing lunch. The conference provided 6 hours of CRCE We gained a few new members and had some renewals for AARC memberships.

Wayne Barfield visited Ashley Ridge High School and Karen Simmons visited Goose Creek High School to promote the profession.

Wayne Barfield is sponsoring a Kick Ball CF Fundraiser April 30th at the James Island County Park.

Plans are underway for a summer student symposium- trying to coordinate something to involve all the RT schools in the state so we can share resources and equipment to benefit the RT students. Trident Tech is doing a summer camp for middle schoolers. Amanda Coffey is helping and there will be 14 middle school students who get to spend 4 hours learning about RT.

Midlands Region:

Meetings: Tentative meeting planned for August 5th at a Columbia location. Details to follow soon.

Community Events/Service: The SC DHEC Tobacco Cessation Initiative continues. Lexington Medical Center hosted a couple of hiring events this month. PH Children’s Respiratory has had a few group skating outings to promote teamwork. Midlands Tech students will graduate May 4th. This will be the first time participating in the larger spring graduation. The directors hope to plan at least one membership night outing at a local Columbia venue to provide a networking opportunity.