• Lung Volume Recruitment in Neonates by Charlotte Reikofski MSPH, MPA, RRT (7/7/2017)

    Open PDF to read the full article Lung volume recruitment in a preterm pig model of lung immaturity.

    Lung Volume Recruitment in Neonates (PDF)


  • 1- Respiratory Basics in the Golden Hour by Charlotte Reikofski MSPH, MPA, RRT (5/5/2015)

    Management of a premature infant’s first hour of life in the delivery room can result in short- and long-term injury, developmental delay, and death.1 Delivery room practices are contributing factors to long-term development and may influence the development of chronic lung disease.2 As few as six manual breaths via bag and mask can cause lung injury.3 Infants diagnosed with chronic lung disease have a high risk of mortality in the first year of life and respiratory disorders such as respiratory distress, hypoxia, atelectasis, pulmonary hemorrhage, and interstitial emphysema account for 12.6 percent of total deaths in the neonatal period.2,4

    Accordingly, the processes and interventions associated with the neonate’s respiratory adaptation to extrauterine life present the opportunity for Respiratory Therapists to significantly impact care.

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