AARC Summer Lobby Blast

(This is from Anne Marie Hummel, Associate Executive Director, AARC Advocacy and Governmental Affairs.)

Just wanted to get you pumped up ahead of time to start sending in messages to the Hill on Monday, August 19, for our 3-day blast to gain additional co-sponsors for H..R. 2508. An article will be coming out in NEWS NOW in a couple of hours that goes into more detail so please take a few minutes to read it. We want to get our members ready now so first thing Monday when the links go live everyone will be ready and know the drill. Don’t forget you can TEXT BREATHE to 52886 from your cellphone as demonstrated at our Joint BOD/HOD meeting if you are on vacation – so no excuses!!

Your goal — 100% participation. We’ve been very close in the past but not quite there – so let’s make it happen this time around.


Although we want to send as many messages as possible within the 3-day blast, the campaign will run the remainder of the summer until we get word that the House and Senate have introduced the new CONNECT Act at which time we’ll start another campaign to gain co-sponsors for CONNECT.

As mentioned at Summer Forum, for the Senate, we are targeting 14 Senators in 13 states who have a lot of influence and who we believe support including provisions of the BREATHE Act into the new CONNECT package, since we’ve been informed the Senate prefers this approach rather than a standalone companion bill to H.R. 2508. So keep in mind, if you are not in one of the 13 states (the article will tell you which ones they are) you won’t see a message to the Senate when you input your information into our TAKE ACTION page. We’ll also have a new map on our website that will start keeping track of the number of advocates and messages for this Summer Grassroots Campaign.

One more thing. If your representative is already a co-sponsor, we need you to send a message anyway, because when you enter your information into the system, it will know that your representative is on the co-sponsor list and it will generate a “THANK YOU” message for you to send rather than an “ASK”. Isn’t all this new technology grand??

So come Monday – what’s your task for the day??? TAKE ACTION to gain co-sponsors for H.R. 2508.